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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
So Mississauga has (or until recently had) farmland, still? Wouldn't have guessed that.

I know Canadian suburbia is much more sane and sustainable than in the States, but on average, it's even uglier, if that's possible. GTA burbs are mostly pretty grim. The huge arterials with the power lines and the Dallas-style fenced housing developments, but even more packed-in.
I am pretty confident you can find farmland in all cities in the GTA.
Here is some farmland in the City of Toronto:!8i8192!8i8192

According to Statistics Canada (2007a), there are
76 census farms on 2,710 ha (6,697 acres) within the city of Toronto, 52 of which report crops (not including Christmas trees) on 1,613 ha (3,986
acres), and an additional 310 ha (766 acres) in pasture. Located primarily in the northeastern
corner of the city, they produce mostly soybeans, grain corn, and small grains (about 1,000 ha or
2,471 acres), most of which is likely for animal feed. Seventeen farms report growing fruits,
berries, and nuts on 194 ha or 479 acres (the majority in grapes), and 11 farms report growing
vegetables on 126 ha (311 acres). Data suppression rules limited information on what vegetables are
produced, but it would appear to be diverse. Seven farms reported greenhouse operations, mostly
flowers with some vegetable production (likely transplants), totaling 30,487 sq. m (328,159 sq. ft.)
of greenhouse space.

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