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I think Dylan's decision makes sense to some extent.
Because I also don't prefer to draw buildings under construction or planning.
It may not match the actual completion, and there is a hassle of having to redraw after completion.
But I am also not positive about this blurring.

However, it is regrettable that this was carried out arbitrarily without discussion with users.
Blurred diagrams look ugly and ruin the harmony of the diagrams.
so nobody is going to try to draw under construction and proposed building

Rather than blurring, it would have been better to display the following message.
"This drawing may not be accurate compared to the actual completion."
But if he had to do this, I don't think it had to be a blur to propose and vision.

It's up to you to continue drawing the diagram or to stop it. It is not a right idea to criticize the person who continues to drawing

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