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Originally Posted by left of center View Post
Really interesting if we see anything start rising from this block next summer. Any idea on which tower/site would be developed first? Ideally the parking lot on the southwest corner of the site goes first, for aesthetic reasons...

Yup! Actually its midblock between Van Buren and Jackson (about 150 feet north of Van Buren). It was an old street car tunnel, one of three total in the Loop. The others were at Washington and Lasalle, the former which still has the tunnel portals very visible (used for underground parking garage access now).

The ripping up/paving over of the old street car network was one of the greatest travesties that has happened in this city, considering we had one of the largest networks in the world.
Cool thanks, I remember hearing something about these a while back.

Here's the wiki

And here's a very nice video on YouTube about them! (with 200k views)

The video was just added a month ago by a YouTube history channel, so nice timing.
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