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Originally Posted by joey1111 View Post
I can name a few. One example, is Mexico City whose skyline is spread out or made up of many different small skylines. You could have a skyscraper here and another one five miles away. Personally, I would like the City to develop along La Reforma, the city's central core into a large dominant skyline or (type 1) skyline like Los Angeles
What's interesting is that you guys have pointed out 2 other different types of skylines:

1) Los Angeles(supertall in center type) with medium sized buildings around it
2) Madrid(dominant towers in center type) with no single supertall in the middle just the dominant towers which could range from medium to supertall all about the same height and few surrounding lesser buildings if any
3) New York and Chicago(dominant towers with lesser towers type)this type of skyline has from a few dominant towers with lesser towers(small to medium) surrounding them to many dominant towers stretching from a few miles to many miles downtown
4)Mexico City(multiple skylines type): this city has multiple skylines small to big with no dominant skyline. Although, Reforma is slowly developing into a dominant skyline.
This is definitely closely related to the historical background of the city. Most European cities, and specially Madrid, have had a rich history which has left a city center full of magnificent buildings from the belle epoque of the Spanish Empire. To mantain the charm of these areas, tall buildings should be built in the otuside of the city, as the clash wouldn't really be desirable.
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