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I certainly didn't dislike the previous version nearly as much as many others fact I thought it was fine, in spite of the 'frankenbuilding' aspect which often irritates.

What can we say about the new design? Inoffensive? It's kinda......whatever? Not bad? It works. Hope this is the right formula so that this tower can finally get out of the ground this year (or I suppose technically 'out of the ground' sometime early next year. Feels like this one has taken forever.

I do have a feeling they've nailed down the hotel flag/operator, since they are going through the amendment process here. Very curious as to identity. And like to see these developers/hotel cos' that are placing bold bets on the economy (and particularly the travel/tourism/hospitality economy) rebounding from the pandemic with vigor.
It's simple, really - try not to design or build trash.
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