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Eyeballing it, looks like it has dropped to about 46 floors (from the Columbus side) from the original 54. Assuming the floor to height ratios remain about the same, the building will drop by about 100' to roughly 550' which isn't too bad, because:
Yea I get the same (not sure if they count the 13th though), 550' is a nice filler and the design has grown on me a bit (I like the fins at the top).

After Site O and Cirrus/Cascade are built, Site I is Magellan's last real bite at the apple, their last chance to use up the remaining development rights in Lakeshore East (except for the small parcel at the corner of the park, which was in theory meant for a new CPS school).
The thought of an 1000+ foot Parcel I Tower is incredibly exciting and I would gladly shave 100 feet off this one for that. Not sure if it'll definitely happen but it seems like it could.
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