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That's a sanitized rendering of their Nickelodeon themed theme park at MOA in in Minny.

Now, this is sharing the name and much of the concepts of a project that they are in the midst of in New Jersey called American Dream Meadowlands that was the Zanadu project that got stopped in the 08 downturn when the Mills corp went belly up and they got involved with starting it back up in 2010. It's been a real mess as the Giants and Jets fought it tooth and nail to second time around. They are working on it but the big bond issues haven't happened yet. They are also expanding MOA.

It's something they have pulled off in the past and they seem to have a great relationship with retailers. The New Jersey mall doesn't use Nick themed stuff but there's a DreamWorks deal for IPs. If this was someone that hasn't had anything like this I'd write it totally off but there's actual projects that reflect on this outfit.
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