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Originally Posted by Quixote View Post
Only 55.4% of NYC households have "no vehicle available," per the 2019 ACS 1-year estimate. Yes, that qualifies as "most" (majority), but that means 45.6% of all households owning at least one vehicle... that's a fairly even split. Also consider that out of a total 3,998,051 commuters, only 1,836,721 had "no vehicle available."

Household car ownership for context:

Chicago: 72.2%
Philly: 70.6%
SF: 67.7%
DC: 65.1%
Boston: 64.3%

Chicago also makes a pretty clear distinction between city/suburb; its borders are a little more arbitrary, but the city doesn't have suburban sprawl.
Yeah, though of course there are some very auto-oriented neighborhoods (e.g. Mt Greenwood, with some census tracts having > 99% car ownership according to the last ACS). That said, even the Loop and River North have slightly > 50% households with a vehicle and the tracts with the smallest percentage of households with cars are in places like Englewood.
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