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Originally Posted by marothisu View Post
You mean like the 2 entire floors at the John Hancock Tower that has a restaurant and lounge/bar? I know it's not outside, can get a 360 degree view and the views are incredible from pretty much all angles. Tilt is an interesting idea, but you would have been better off just going up to the lounge area (also a better deal than the Observation Deck). In my opinion, the 96th floor lounge offers the best views from a super high up place in Chicago - I prefer it hugely to Willis Tower's views any single second of the year.
But the fact remains that Willis is clearly the tourist favorite, if only, perhaps, because it's taller. I was there July 31-August 4. The general admission line when I was there was up to an hour and a half, and was going outside of the building. I had the fast pass, and it really would've sucked if I had to wait in that line. This was on a Monday afternoon. When I went to John Hancock, it was a Friday morning at 10:30, and I had the CityPass and everything, and there was literally no line. I walked into the building and straight to the elevator. It was great. Willis is clearly more popular, and the observation deck should definitely expand into another floor because of it.
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