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I don't like that they are building (or planning to build) on the Sears Tower plaza. The hotel looks good at least, if crammed. But while I am not a fan of putting plazas everywhere, some work well. The AMA building plaza was nice and well utilized, the hotel that is being built there is taking away from AMA. I think that the planned plazas enhance the architecture of the building they front (and others). This is becoming an unsettling trend - maybe next we can build in the plazas in front of Equitable and IBM.....

On a side note, I think I missed this or am confused. Showman's/Harry Hot Dogs is now gone so we can have a plaza (one I don't like) for 155 N Wacker (you know, across from the low rise Walgreens and the tragedy that was the old CME), but are the other two buildings still coming down or not? And did they get the property by ED finally or did they buy out the owners?