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Jardins is a planned neighbourhood targetted for the upper class, with large villas designed for wealthy families, luxury car dealers and nice stores and restaurants. Europa Avenue has many car dealers from all over the world and Oscar Freire street has nice shops. The streets are full of green and wide spaces, and most buildings are low rise in large terrains. It´s a beautiful area that was planned in the 1920´s and somehow managed to keep its charm and its upper class vibe throughout the decades. One of the nice aspects of São Paulo is that the city has dense business areas and leafy green planned neighbourhoods not very far one fron the other, somehow avoiding residents of long commutes. Also, the city mild weather, without tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and wild fires and its neutrality that has kept the city away from wars that torned down european metropolis and asian ones and also kept it safe from terrorist attacks that affects other metropolis in the western world. All this contributed to the attraction of immigrants from all over the world as well as a magnet for foreign investment.

Europa Avenue and its fancy car dealers.

The famous Ferrari and Maserati store, which looks like a diamond. Somehow a tribute to the largest italian community outside Italy that lives and thrived in the city. A successful case of immigration. Even the accent of paulistanos, as the people from São Paulo are named, have italian influences.

Lamborguini store

McLaren store

Dodge and Jeep

Bentley store

Mercedes Benz, one of the many Mercedes dealers in São Paulo.




Also in Jardins, the Armani Casa shop.

And Oscar Freire Street.

In one of the many leafy streets of Jardins is the modern Unique Hotel, with its red rooftop pool.

One more of Jk Iguatemi

And Cesar Pelli towers.

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