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Originally Posted by SIGSEGV View Post
Would you say there's no consensus on the earth being approximately an oblate spheroid because of flat-earthers? No consensus on evolution because of young-earth creationists?

Perhaps you are using the word "consensus" differently than most people understand it.
There is very little reason to doubt that the earth is spherical base don evidence provided. (although people do)

Statements that human caused climate change are "consensus" are not accurate. Many scientists think that humans are the cause of increased carbon dioxide. But some think that humans are not the primary cause only a contributory cause, some dont think humans have an impact at all.

And that's just what is causing increased greenhouse gas emissions, the easiest of the questions. The far more complicated and important stuff comes with what that actually will do do the climate, if anything at all, if we can or even should do something to stop it. If greenhouse gasses will ultimately lead to our worst case extrapolations and inferences or not.

People throw out the consensus on humans creating more CO2 (and other gasses) and use that shut down any debate on what can or should be done.

For example, Sun Belt can come in here throwing out his claims about climate change and what its effects will be, and it has been quickly countered with "Scientists all agree its happening" That isn't a point nor an argument its an appeal to authority, an inaccurate statement and an attempt to shut down debate without addressing what he is arguing.