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Originally Posted by sentinel View Post
Potentially - I had brought this up a few months ago; UC is planning a new construction building for the the school of Molecular Engineering, we responded to a very early RFQ, and I believe the building was planned to be around 200-300K gsf (which is quite large), but that was last year, and I suspect the current pandemic has put those plans on hold for a year or so. For now, I believe the dept is spread out in other locations on campus.
I think they're using office space in the old HEP building (not that they need it now with only essential and lab personnel allowed to return, for now). But yeah, I can't remember if they're taking the space in the old HEP building, or demolishing accelerator, or building a new building or what. I just know that high-bay space is going to be hard to come by soon...
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