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Originally Posted by Gonzo the Great View Post
Ok here's another one that no-one is going to like but ..... after a cursory examination of Camden with Google Earth , I believe I
counted something like three dozen vacant or parking lots between Erie st. and Spruce , running from the Delaware river out to
Rt. 676 ...... and I might have missed a few dozen.
Not to down play the current development taking place at the water front but , most of the decayed waste land in the down town
section has been there for fifty or more years . So IMHO the delay in development might have been politically motivated by our
Trenton and northern neighbors .
Nothing from nothing , my demented theory persuades me to think the most robust injection of funds ( state , private , local or
other wise ) are a separate issue from SY's development and are eons behind being of any help at all .....
Camden's parking crater was awarded the worst in the country a couple of years ago. It is ginormous. It'll take a generation to infill, easy.

Other than that ... no idea what you're saying.
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