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Hasn't been a lot of motion in the last 2 weeks... they put the binder course of asphalt down and then kind of halted. The sidewalks are poured and the footings for streetlights are in place. The surface course of asphalt probably won't come until all the heavy equipment is gone from the site, so probably not until next summer. Landscaping will come after that.

At the south end by the S-curve and the new underpasses, they've been pouring retaining walls along the tracks. Train traffic has been entirely routed away from the St Charles Air Line and the river bridge, but the Freeport Sub still has one active track so CN and Amtrak trains can get through. I imagine they will start putting in a shoo fly track on one or both rail lines soon, once the retaining walls are finished and backfilled. Then they can start building the new bridges. They have had temporary Bailey bridges just sitting there for months waiting to be used on the shooflys.
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