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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
There's a 950 foot height limit for the site because that's what Related asked for. The whole site is a giant PD negotiated with the city, truly a blank slate from a zoning standpoint. Chicago DPD had some input but they're more concerned about FAR and buildable square footage, not how it's distributed on the site. There's no neighborhood context to fit into, either.

If Related genuinely wanted a supertall they could have gotten one.

Lakeshore East was a similar story, IIRC it had a lower height limit but they got the limit revised so they could build Vista.

Sigh. These are undoubtedly talented firms but isn't it time we got some fresh blood? Gang is the only local one but she doesn't need the exposure that this kind of commission would provide...
This is just a guess but since DPI is state funded that might have to adhere to diversity quotas, so since Gang is headed by a woman they often have an advantage on that front (plus their designs are awesome)

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