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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
I don't get any of the above points. Tokyo isn't close to the most urban city, and doesn't even have particularly strong fabric, I have no idea what the "best designed city, by far" is (or means) and I don't get how 55% of households not owning a vehicle in the most car-crazed country on earth, including basically the lowest car ownership of any first world western geography, is proof of autocentricity.

LA Koreatown isn't gonna become SF Nob Hill, in our lifetimes, and probably ever. It doesn't have the same fabric, and won't.
Tokyo is the world’s largest urban agglomeration, has the most developed rail network on Earth, (rapid transit, commuter rail, high-speed rail), and (probably safe to assume) the highest transit ridership anywhere on the planet. It is *functionally* the world’s most urban city, even though its built environment is post-war and doesn’t fit the Northeastern US / Western European archetype.

LA’s Koreatown being post-war doesn’t preclude it from becoming functionally urban. And by virtue of the fact that it’s mostly of post-war fabric, yes, it won’t ever become SF’s Nob Hill. No need to speculate.
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