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Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post
And the Purple Line extension isn't being built just solely for them. More others will ride it.

And, that's just one particular stretch of Wilshire. And guess what, there won't be any stops along that Wilshire Condo Corridor anyway.

Going west, there'll be a Wilshire/Rodeo station in Beverly Hills, and then the next stop is in Century City, and then the next stop will be Wilshire/Westwood---completely bypassing that high-rise condo stretch.
Exactly. This is when great bus service comes to play. The 720 and 20 buses serve the Wilshire Corridor well. Along the Wilshire Corridor there are plenty of doorman, parking attendents, janitors, Westwood Cemetary employees, groundskeepers and others that ride the 720 and 20 buses which run frequently along the corridor.
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