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Originally Posted by Randomguy34 View Post
It's wild to think that in 10 years, Halsted will be lined with skyscrapers from North/Clybourn all the way down to the Ike. If UIC becomes serious about redeveloping their parking lots, then even Roosevelt is a possibility.
UIC's current master plan calls for a new arena at Halsted/Roosevelt so it's likely the parking along Halsted is there to stay. Seems like a bad idea to me, it's horribly congested there as-is and no easy rail access... but I guess it would bring more customers to the businesses in University Village/Maxwell and have synergies with the Dorin Forum for conventions/events.

Under this plan the current UIC Pavilion would be demolished and the whole area at Racine/Harrison redeveloped into some kind of tech park. It's a pretty vague concept, so I'm assuming plans will change.
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