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Originally Posted by bcp View Post
sadly there is another gas station coming up at Halsted and Division... once they are in, it's decades to be gone... and it's just across from another one...but this is still exciting - what will it take for Goose Island development to move all the way north and meet lincoln yards? we know that Wrigley isn't going anywhere - but I can see Home Depot selling off some parking lots (or do a deck), Morton Salt has plans to be a museum and entertainment venue... the rest of the island just seems ripe for going vertical (and maybe saving some of the great older / taller brick structures). Otherwise, it's Comcast, restaurant depot, warehouses, auto services... those just aren't gonna stick around once the city stops pretending that this will be a manufacturing hub again
Goose Island itself is still reserved for low-scale industrial development, except the Greyhound site. The PMD is still in force there.

Past that, it's got awful transit connections so the city needs to build that transitway up the middle of the island...
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