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Incredible potential

Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
NYguy....You are absolutely 100% correct...THE POTENTIAL ALONG THE GOWANUS CANAL IS LIMITLESS. With the view of the Downtown Brooklyn Skyline in the background, when fully developed this will make the pictures you posted absolutely POST CARD QUALITY !!! Unfortunately as you also mentioned, the NIMBY's are pushing back. They'd rather keep things as they are A SEWER DUMP rather than develop the area. IT'S NIMBY'S VS YIMBY'S AGAIN..THAT REAL ESTATE GAME SHOW !!!! HEY NIMBY'S...LEAVE THIS AREA ALONE TO BE DEVELOPED..PLUS IF YOU SUE...YOU WILL LOSE IN COURT SO LET THE CITY MEET IT'S POTENTIAL. HEY NIMBY'S..MAYBE THERE CAN BE SOME MORE AFFORDABLE HOUSING IN THIS AREA TOO SO A RETIRED MAN LIKE ME CAN STAY IN NEW YORK AND LIVE IN AN AREA LIKE THIS....NIMBY'S....IT'S CALLED P-R-O-G-R-E-S-S.....GET IT !!!!
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