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bayfront park by Chase Center; still looks inactive

Crane Cove Park coming along... this is at the north end by the Ramp, wraps off the now-decorative piece of old machinery

moving south...

Third and 20th, all wrapped up

the mid-block passage at 950 Tennessee is open and turned out good, I think. and was used by several sets of people in the few mins I was by there

the Minnesota side

UCSF Psychiatry Center

looking at Psychiatry Center from 2177 Third

... and from the latter to the former

Vision Neurosciences building and Third St

they're finishing the sidewalk work on the SW corner of Third and 16th in front of the new wing of the hospital

Fourth St

block 6W

hotel on Channel

work along the creek. they don't seem to be in a hurry here

block 9W behind the public safety building

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