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Originally Posted by olga View Post
Post pics of my cat? You don't have to ask twice!

HeeHee. You all know by now that you don't have to twist my arm to show pics of my boy, either.
Buddy (aka Monkey Butt, Captain Demando, Fat Boy, Sporty, Sonny Boy, Cow Dog) was rescued by Virginia and her late mother from the pound in April, 2004 as a companion dog for her mother who had terminal cancer and wanted company in her last days. She passed away in March of '05 and Buddy made her last days quite enjoyable. Virginia took over the boy after that (but he does call me dad). He's somewhere between eight and ten years old, not sure and probably 80% deaf. And, oh yeah, he's also the most spoiled dog EVER!

Virginia and Buddy watch the Christmas parade.

With his neurotic Yorkie girlfriend.

My feet hurt!

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