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the CTA el system has 112 route miles (not including the purple line's express run to the loop because it's a rush-hour only service, only the full service section of the purple line through evanston/wilmette is included here).

here's a break down of the route miles by ROW type:

elevated (structured): 49.0 miles (44%)

expressway median: 27.6 miles (25%)

elevated (embankment): 17.8 miles (16%)

subway: 10.7 miles (10%)

at-grade: 5.6 miles (5%)

open trench: 1.3 miles (1%)

100% of the el system runs in dedicated ROW, and 95% of that is fully grade separated from street-crossings, but there are places at the extreme ends of 4 of the el lines where the el has at-grade street-crossings, most of them out in the burbs:

6 at the end of the brown line in albany park/lincoln square
10 at the end of the pink line in lawndale/suburban cicero
7 at the end of the yellow line in suburban skokie
2 at the end of the purple line up in suburban wilmette

24 total at-grade street crossing on the el system

the el system has 146 stations (each station is counted only once here, many are used by multiple lines, like the loop stations):

elevated/embankment stations: 88 (60%)

expressway median stations: 25 (17%)

subway stations: 22 (15%)

at grade stations: 11 (8%)

so depending on if you're talking route miles or # of stations, roughly 10 - 15% of the CTA el system is "subwayed", and the VAST majority of that (19 of the 22 subway stations) is comprised of the red and blue line subway runs underneath downtown.
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