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That’s gorgeous. Definitely looks like this is an inflection point for the WestLoop.

Opposing this in pursuit of an abstract notion of preserving a “mid-rise neighborhood” ignores the very reasons we find mid-rise neighborhoods appealing - lots of light, varied and intimate streetscape, historical structures, etc. This proposal looks like it should maintain and enhance those characteristics, consistent with the West Loop guidelines, and deliver more density and vitality to the neighborhood to boot.

We should definitely be wary of destroying the character of the West Loop - but that requires not going in the extreme in either direction of overly restricting or allowing growth. A lot of the growth in the area is presumably in part based on the assumption of continued development. And then there are the benefits to the city as a whole. Let’s not kid ourselves: a big reason Chicago is doing so well is that it is easier to build here than it is in many other large cities.
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