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Originally Posted by yuriandrade View Post
San Francisco has a huge homeless population, right? Do they use to ask for money or just are on the streets? If they do so, I think this outdoor dining project might not take off.
You have pretty much identified the trouble spot. I tried the "new" outdoor dining (SF has always had some sidewalk dining spots in areas where it's more "comfortable") once and as I was finishing the meal but had yet to put my mask back on, some maskless/homeless guy walks up, gets much too close, and asks if he could have the glass of water still on the table.

So I'm not inclined to keep doing it. Now I get take out and go find a spot I think is "safe" and fairly secluded to eat. As luck would have it, my very own condo has a large ground floor private outdoor space that is patroled by our security staff and if I can't find anywhere else, I can always eat there.

By the way, our homeless population isn't really that "huge". It's estimated at about 8000. But they are mostly drug addicted or mentally ill and therefore very aggressive (when not nodding out sprawled on the sidewalk) and they will bother strangers as happened to me.
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