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Originally Posted by PhilliesPhan View Post
Looks like there's equipment on site! Sorry for the crap quality, by the way. I saw this as I was passing by on PATCO.
PhilliesPhan, I appreciate the pic, crappy quality and all. I know what it's like to be riding along, see something, and have like 2 seconds to get a shot off. Hopefully you will be able to take more pics as construction moves forward.

Originally Posted by wanderer34 View Post
Once you go for mediocrity, you're going to get mediocre results, no matter what, just ask the gov't leaders, the developers, and the businessmen who killed off what should've been a major public works project such as the American Commerce Center and replaced it with the Comcast II. If only the Comcast II got destroyed somehow and replaced it with the ACC, I'd be happy, but for right now, we have to live with mediocrity. AAAAAARGH!!!
Wanderer34, I agree with the spirit of what you are trying to say in your above post, except I think your comparisons of ACC and CITC are off base. I personally think CITC is rockin'-awesome, with or without ACC. The demise of ACC had nothing to do with CITC. I am extremely thankful that Philadelphia is getting a Norman Foster designed super tall. Just about any city in the world would be thankful.

ACC was an awesome proposal in its own right, and I think CITC has the better design of the two.

Originally Posted by 1487 View Post
I wouldn't have expected anything different. Not much about this project is designed to help camden generally. this is the creation of an enclave near the river for suburbanites to work and not really have to see or rub shoulders any camden residents.
It's still 100 times better than the suburban park Subaru is moving to, and in a much more appropriate part of the city. I'm not sure what your point is but would you recommend building this in the middle of the projects? Almost anyone in the Camden can ride a bike here, some can walk here, and many can take the bus. And of course some will drive. I think this provides good things for Camden residents. This can certainly help people in North Camden, especially in the first 5 or 6 blocks near the river. You may not find corporate execs living in North Camden right now, but for the people that are there, some decent jobs will be coming near them. It can also help students with co-op opportunities, help adults who may work here, but want to walk nearby for night classes,etc.

Originally Posted by cafeguy View Post
What surprises me more is that they scaled back the design so much so fast. It's not like they proposed this 3 years ago and decided to pull this back. They announced this like less than 6 months ago, right? Its almost like they knew they weren't going to build it.
I agree. Almost like they wanted to show a "pie in the sky" idea, and then scale it back. I'm not sure why/how all that played out. My guess is that there were multiple renditions of this project created, and the one they chose to go to press with was the most ambitious. It could still change, after all. It's still early enough in the game.

On another note, PATCO may need to revise some bus routes once this project gets rolling, to better serve this area. Who knows, maybe even people on the Philadelphia side of the river can bus it to this location.
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