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Montmartre is a hill in Central Paris, and the basilica of the Sacré-Cœur was built at the top of it from 1875 to 1914, at a time when France was seeking redemption for all her ugly sins.
This is some of the views from up there.

IMG_0102 by mousquet, sur Flickr

IMG_0105 by mousquet, sur Flickr

IMG_0107 by mousquet, sur Flickr

IMG_0108 by mousquet, sur Flickr

IMG_0110 by mousquet, sur Flickr

IMG_0111 by mousquet, sur Flickr

IMG_0115 by mousquet, sur Flickr

You can't see La Défense. Not in this season anyway (trees may hide it). I forget whether it's ever visible from there.
So it looks like flat land even more than it actually is, but the view still feels awesome.

That's it. Thank you for viewing. Hope you'll enjoy the ride when you make it.

That was a bit too long and verbose. Next time I post a photo thread, it will be shorter and pictures better.
All pictures hosted by Flickr, by the way.
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