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Up there neighboring the big church, there's still a carmel.

IMG_0097 by mousquet, sur Flickr

That is a monastery where nuns, the so called Carmelites are locked up. Of their own free will, huh. No one here forces them to live like this. It's just a choice they made. Their way of life, so to say.

And there's this gentle Irish pub.

IMG_0099 by mousquet, sur Flickr


I tried to shoot the church itself, which felt impossible to me.

IMG_0098 by mousquet, sur Flickr

IMG_0101 by mousquet, sur Flickr

IMG_0116 by mousquet, sur Flickr

IMG_0103 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Ça va comme tu veux, vieux Louis ?

IMG_0106 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Yeah, this is king Saint-Louis. In fact, I should be more respectful here. I think he's simply the only serious and faithful king France ever had through her endless history.

Quoi de neuf, la Jeanne !?

IMG_0104 by mousquet, sur Flickr

This is Joan of Arc. The medieval English would have burned her alive as a witch because she gave the French the strength to kick them out of France.
So the Roman church made a saint of her too.
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