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One of the most important aspects of climate change throughout known history of the planet is the rate of change. The climate changing very slowly gives life a chance to adapt and change with it. In geological time frame the rate of change right now is horrifying and far outpacing known past climate change events. Far slower large climate change periods resulted in a major loss of biodiversity at best. Widespread extinction being a major aspect of the fastest changes.

The thought that hey even if things do increase a few degrees no big deal we just relocate of few people and life for people just moves on is insane. Just a few degree change is the difference certain species of plants surviving or not. That happening fast enough those plants don't adapt or have a chance to slowly move where the climate does work for that species. The whole interdependence of those plants and other life in its ecosystem they share the same fate. Note that includes humans. Wait to see enough die offs to fully get everyone's attention and it is already past the point of no return. Also it is not just sea level rise that will cause people to need to move. The world is already loosing its mind over refugees. Now increase that one to two magnitudes and see how things work out.

But it could be said that humans have technology that can save us. Sure but how much is that going to cost and how many does that support. Yeah we can put a person on such a hostile environment as the moon but at what cost and how much population can you support doing as such.