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Originally Posted by pj3000 View Post
How about those pesky darn emerging tropical diseases which come with a warmer, wetter climate?
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Of course no human extinction. Just famines, mass migration on a level we've never seen before, resulting wars and instability...

Most countries aren't the US where we have a variety of climates to choose from and can probably grow enough food for ourselves regardless.

It's weird that this is a debate. In much of the world people are fighting this and starting to get ready for the effects. Here, the industry stooges are keeping us arguing about whether a threat exists.
United States, even under Trump, is reducing our CO2 emissions at a faster rate than any other country in the world outside of Europe. Canadians are actually polluting more than us now on a per capita basis. Japanese are pretty much doing nothing. And I am not even talking about the biggest polluters like India and China. We are at the point where we are not even the main contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions anymore. Even if magically the whole United States were to produce 0 greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow, that would only cause a reduction of around 15% from the global levels.