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Originally Posted by Mr Saturn64 View Post
When I was in Chicago last summer, I went to both the SkyDeck and 360 Chicago. (Thank God for CityPass) And honestly, I found the Ledge at SkyDeck to be a thousand times better than Tilt. Maybe it's because when I arrived in Chicago I went straight for Willis and did Hancock on my last day, and I was in that "I'm in Chicago for real!" kind of mindset, but I thought Tilt was pretty lame. I did like that thing at Hancock where you stepped out and the wind blew at you, and the fact that there are smaller crowds, but Willis definitely doesn't need that staircase. It looks like crap. I don't know about the entrance, though. I used CityPass to get from the street to the top in 5 minutes, but I think waiting outside in the July heat would suck. I think Willis should be like Top of the Rock in NYC where its three stories and you can get the same views from all of them. That would ease the crowds a lot better.
You mean like the 2 entire floors at the John Hancock Tower that has a restaurant and lounge/bar? I know it's not outside, can get a 360 degree view and the views are incredible from pretty much all angles. Tilt is an interesting idea, but you would have been better off just going up to the lounge area (also a better deal than the Observation Deck). In my opinion, the 96th floor lounge offers the best views from a super high up place in Chicago - I prefer it hugely to Willis Tower's views any single second of the year.
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