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Those projects are huge expenses that bring in no income for the developer. I would argue the next phase of development with a pedestrian alley, bars/restaurants, 2 concert venues, and a huge public park will certainly "make the place different". That's not even including the upper floors that will contain offices and hundreds of apartments.

I'm guessing the end result in 2026 or whenever will feel a lot like Gallagher Plaza in Wrigleyville. That will likely make some people shudder, but for many others it will be a place to seek out. It will put the area on the mental map for Chicagoans beyond just the grimy area behind Home Depot (all credit to Hideout of course, but only a small slice of the city goes there).

BTW, the Metra stop isn't even included in the RDA/TIF infrastructure plan for Lincoln Yards, so any reconstruction would have to be funded by the city and/or Metra itself.
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