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Originally Posted by lrt's friend View Post
Even if cars remain king, we see congestion increasing at a pace that road expansion cannot keep up with.

Everywhere else in the world, it is understood that alternatives need to be offered.

Passenger rail failed in North America simply because we invested so much public money in roads that private rail modernization was not possible.

Not everybody wants to drive everywhere especially as congestion increases, so investment in a better rail network will provide the alternative that is sorely missing at the present time.
I think it is becoming more understood here in the state that we need to increase emphasis on alternative transit. You aren't ever going to build enough lanes to create congestion free freeway in major cities during rush hour. But that doesn't justify keeping road lanes maxed out at 6-8 lanes either.

Not everyone wants to ride trains or bikes everywhere either, something it seems like many on this board fail to comprehend. Passenger rail failed because people chose the car.

Originally Posted by Busy Bee View Post
The same year we, the world's premier superpower, were wrecking Penn Station,
Now that was an absolute travesty no doubt. We should be building MagLev across the country, not this slightly better than 19th century rail crap.
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