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Asia versus eurasia.

Alright here goes.

It's pretty much excepted fact at this point that europe is either a subcontinent or a simply a cultural region. Which I think there is very little debate.

My question is why does asia exist as a name if it's clearly not a subcontinent, and only a subset of the Eurasian continent.

Of course the first response is that asia is a cultural reason, however if you look at it from a historical perspective, the connection between pacific/far east, and that of middle east/india, is no stronger than the cultural ties to europe.

It's obvious that at best asia is two distinct regions, or just as popular multiple subsections of the Eurasian continent.

If you look at almost every measure, religion, language, genetic migrations, historical shipping routes etc, the Himalaya's devide asia into two halves, with almost nothing in common relative to europe.
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