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Originally Posted by muppet View Post
For example, this is the edge of London -the exurbs 21 miles from the centre. It's density is 6,090 per sq mile inc large tracts of countryside.
Exurbs are really low density sprawl/rural environments; the Surrey towns/outer reaches of London’s urban realm that you reference would fall outside of their higher densities. In the UK exurb-like population densities are only found in heavily protected areas (e.g. Green Belt, National Parks, etc…) or incredibly rural and remote parts of the country.

In England & Wales, just 6.8% of the population reside in such low density areas. 78.6% of the population reside in areas where the population density is above that of the Boston urban area. The Green Belt and extensive planning regulations have concentrated development and restricted the options for sprawl. Hence why you have a far clearer division between urban and rural in the UK.
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