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[QUOTE=JManc;9625278]It makes sense, it was around before the Civil War and GA itself was founded as a colony. Atlanta seems so 'new' compared to Boston though.[/QUO

In 1860 Massachusetts had 1.3 million. In 1860 Georgia had a population of just around 1,000,000 spread across a land area more than FIVE times the size of Massachusetts. In 1860 Georgia's economy was overwhelmingly agrarian and plantation based. Small towns in Georgia were usually little more than a crossroads with a few stores or perhaps a mill operation. This includes most of the small towns that are now part of the sprawling Atlanta metro. in 1860 Atlanta had a population of 9,500 people. Boston had a population of 177,000 in 1860. Comparing Boston and Atlanta development patterns is an interesting topic, but there are very significant differences that can't be overlooked.
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