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Originally Posted by Yuri View Post
"Californian decline" just arrived in Brazil political discourse, specially in the ones happening in the far-right social media.

Interestingly, San Francisco area represented much better this new California stereotype, whereas it was only very few regions that grew faster in the 2010's than it did in 2000's, despite the high prices there. Its GDP is growing continuously at Chinese rates.

On the other hand, Los Angeles area and Central Valley population growth plunged in this decade and they're the main responsible for California slow-ish growth. And the main cause is not the "Californian communism", but the ending of Mexican immigration, something that the right section of political spectrum is asking for.

Go figure...
The Bay area was growing rapidly because many were chasing the dream of being in the center of the tech boom. I read that the bay area has drawn a large number of well educated Asian immigrants, especially from India, but I think many well educated Americans interested in tech were drawn there as well. I think that chasing is ending now and many are starting to look elsewhere. The Bay area may very well show a dramatic slowdown in growth like the LA has already. Isn't LA already like 40-50% Mexican already - it seems that LA is now losing other native born citizens much more than immigrants arriving. It's probably in a slow growth mode for the next decade as well, as it is so expensive. But LA seems to be blossoming even more culturally with new museums and art spaces, and the downtown is revived. But NYC has its 60/70s moment of relative 'decline', and has come back, so perhaps CA big cities will too.

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