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Just came back from a weekend in San Francisco and saw that despite all the news discussed about it here in this forum concerning housing and homeless, it wasn’t that bad. There was a lot of activity in both residential and commercial areas and foreign tourists were present along with the newer transplants and long-time residents.

Like I mentioned in another thread, the built form of SF outside of the core neighborhoods on the NE quadrant maintains high density and walkability while also being fun and simple to drive through. LA could learn a thing or two as well as other American cities trying to reach densities in which public transit and walking is just as viable as driving everywhere.

That being said, California has to embrace more urban development. Cities that have lost population during the pandemic will eventually grow again, but hopefully they grow in a way that does retain the working middle class.

Fortunately, I feel that SF still retained a bit of its identity within its neighborhoods despite the ongoing gentrification, which seemed to be limited to those newer developments in Mission Bay near Chase Center and Oracle Park.
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