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Originally Posted by LosAngelesSportsFan View Post
I hate these articles.. That was a one year blip due to zero immigration. Im sure LA, NY and SF are back to normal numbers wise right now
Not yet but the situation is probably turning around. People are willing to pay the high costs of living in the city because city living is fun and the job is close. With hybrid work, the job may not count for as much but during the 2 years of the covid pandemic, much of the fun stuff in the city was shut down. Why pay $3000/month for a small apartment if the bars/clubs/symphony/opera/sports/good restaurants are closed and you can work from Fresno or Houston?

But just about all those bars/clubs/symphony/opera/sports/good restaurants are back and pretty soon your boss may want to see you at least once or twice a week (probably more if you want him to depend on you and consider you promotion material). Time to move back to town and good news! The $3000 small apartment may only be $2800.
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