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Originally Posted by Darkoshvilli View Post
Jeez im getting proper roasted arent I

At least im not the dumbass who put Toronto on a list of American cities. And im not sure what I should be apologizing for.
Again with the insults. Stop projecting.

American could be taken to mean many things depending upon your cultural context and understanding of the meaning of the word, from least to most expansive:

1. United States of America (common to most people in the United States)
2. Anglophone North America (common to a subsection of those in Canada, both Anglophone and Francophone)
3. Anglophone and Francophone North America (common to Canadians generally)
4. Geographic North America (inclusive of Hispanophone areas, sometimes including sometimes excluding Central America - not common that I’ve seen but perhaps in Mexico you might see this more than other places?)
5. All of North, Central, and South America, including all language areas above as well as Lusophone and others (Quechua, etc.). e.g. “The Americas” (common in all Hispanophone and Lusophone language areas).

I for one assumed OP meant one of the first 4 categories, probably #3.
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