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Originally Posted by Nouvellecosse View Post
Hmm... very interesting exchange. First, someone makes a speculative claim about the desires of a large group of other people, then when a member of that group states that the claim isn't true, the person assures them that it's ok for the claim to be true, which assumes that the objection was based on displeasure with the claim rather than a genuine belief in its inaccuracy. Then when a third person also objects, pointing out that no one can know what others are thinking, the first person continues the speculation by assuming that all the objections were due to the displeasure of being found out (it came as a "blow") rather than genuine disagreement.

So basically, assume to know what others are thinking, then counter any objections by assuming them to be based on the displeasure with being found out. Seems like the perfect, non-falsifiable way of constructing an identity for an opposing group.
Originally Posted by isaidso View Post
And this is what we end up with when parents never say 'NO' to their children. They become nightmare adults who NEVER admit when they're out of line because it's NEVER their fault. The default is always to double down on the insults and become even more toxic because 'sorry' is not in their wheel house.

Chronologically, you're an adult.
Jeez im getting proper roasted arent I

At least im not the dumbass who put Toronto on a list of American cities. And im not sure what I should be apologizing for.
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