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In some cities, highrises are only allowed in a few places. In my area, the vast majority of new multifamily housing is woodframes, which can get to 85' and are more often around 65'.

I undercounted Seattle I'm counting 27...23 in greater Downtown, 4 in the U District.

Convention center (ballroom ceiling is over 200' as rooms are in a tall stack)
1200 Stewart x2
Holland x2
Fairview & Denny SE corner
Onni Fairview & Denny x2
800 John
Dexter Station x2
Guitar Center block
Firestone site
600 Wall
2000 Third
303 Battery
707 Terry x2
Ovation x2
800 Columbia
Olympic Tower
Minor & Madison
The Standard x2
4126 12th
4515 Brooklyn

Five others shored and dug holes but stopped, including four that are related. All are working on permits to restart.

Two others are underway below-ground as part of the convention center project, but the towers will be built on pads by someone else.

A few others are fenced and in prep at some level.
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