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Originally Posted by Darkoshvilli View Post
No matter how much Torontonians wish they were in the us theyr are still in Canada last I checked.
Originally Posted by Northern Light View Post
With no slight intended to our American cousins, I don't think you'll find a large number of Torontonians wishing their City were on the other side of the border. LOL
Originally Posted by Darkoshvilli View Post
Hey man im not shaming you guys. Most of us sometimes wish we were something we're not.
Originally Posted by isaidso View Post
Speak for yourself. And your comment was 100% meant to insult despite your attempt to back pedal.
Originally Posted by Darkoshvilli View Post
Take it as an insult if you want idgaf. And thats not back pedalling thats just me softening the "blow" for you snowflakes out there.
Hmm... very interesting exchange. First, someone makes a speculative claim about the desires of a large group of other people, then when a member of that group states that the claim isn't true, the person assures them that it's ok for the claim to be true, which assumes that the objection was based on displeasure with the claim rather than a genuine belief in its inaccuracy. Then when a third person also objects, pointing out that no one can know what others are thinking, the first person continues the speculation by assuming that all the objections were due to the displeasure of being found out (it came as a "blow") rather than genuine disagreement.

So basically, assume to know what others are thinking, then counter any objections by assuming them to be based on the displeasure with being found out. Seems like the perfect, non-falsifiable way of constructing an identity for an opposing group.
"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man." - George Bernard Shaw
Don't ask people not to debate a topic. Just stop making debatable assertions. Problem solved.
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