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Nice to see Tucson getting some love and you definitely caught the best of it. I guess you can thank the current governor for being able to enjoy the gourmet scene because he has refused to lock everything down.

My second home is about 20 miles south of Tucson and that's where I am now, largely because San Francisco IS locked down and it's too sad there right now.

Unlike what is said just above, Tucson actually has TWO freeways, I-10 and I-19, and it seems since you visited San Javier you discovered I-19. If you'd keep going for 10 more miles of so you'd have been in my 'hood and if you'd kept going maybe 50 you'd have been in Mexico for some REAL Sonoran food in Nogales, Sonora (I recommend La Roca) although what's available in Tucson is a pretty good imitation. Also, maybe 30 miles down I-19 is a little art colony called Tubac which has a very early presidio (fort) and mission (San Jose de Tumacacori) built by explorers coming up the Santa Cruz Valley from New Spain (Mexico). Actually, I have a connection because the expedition which "discovered" San Francisco Bay and began its settlement started out their journey from the Presidio at Tubac. But these days the village is cram packed with stores selling art and artisan wares as well as some very good restaurants including my favorite Mexican place in the area (Elvira's) which used to be in Mexico but when the drug wars began keeping tourists away they managed to move north.

PS: Yes, Tucson has a streetcar. It was very controversial and got built basically because the bond issue for it also had a lot of money for roads and freeways. The intent is to carry folks from downtown to Rio Nuevo on the other side of I-10 but that project remains visionary as far as I can tell (personally, I don't have much reason to go there).

By the way: Just so everyone understands, Arizona has a reputation for being right of center politically but Pima County (Tucson) and adjacent border areas are the heart of left-of-center AZ, mainly because (1) the large hispanic immigrant population and (2) the fact Tucson remains a big college town. The area has been represented by 2 Democrats in Congress including the now well-known former Congressperson, Gabby Giffords, and the head of the Congressional Progressive caucus, Raul Grijalva. Pinal County next door recently had an out gay sheriff and Pima County has blueish law enforcement BUT open cary of handguns is perfectly legal in AZ and you will see it, especially outside of downtown Tucson. I am quite used to seeing sidearms strapped to hips in my area at fast food joints and so forth--don't let that upset you. We probably have a few people doing it just to make a statement but many are still true working cowboys because a lot of cattle still graze the public lands around Tucson (and the freeways have cattle grates to keep them off the roadways).

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