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Pittsburgh has a ton of these places... small, old industrial cities which developed along with Pittsburgh, but are now just satellites connected by suburban sprawl. Some of the larger of the enormous number of small municipalities in SW PA:

Washington, PA (1781) (pop. ~14,000; peak ~13,000) ~25 miles SW
- first place to be named Washington, home of Washington & Jefferson College (1781)

Butler, PA (1802) (pop. ~13,000; peak ~24,000) ~25 miles NE
- home of the Jeep

Greensburg, PA (1799) (pop. ~15,000; peak ~18,000) ~25 miles SE
- Greensburg Athletic Association is was one of earliest pro football teams

Latrobe, PA (1852) (pop. ~8,000; peak ~12,000) ~30 miles SE
- home of Rolling Rock beer, Latrobe Athletic Association was one of earliest pro football teams, home of Arnold Palmer and Mister Rogers, banana split invented there

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