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Nobody is denying that it would sell. I have had people in foreign countries do the same thing to me. But this is a government sponsored casino, essentially. The same governments that are not only trying to clean up the image but actually trying to clean up the crime itself. There's no way they're going to whore themselves out like this. If it was a private company then it would be a completely different story and I'm sure they'd be more open to it.

A 1920s theme would probably work for them as long as they aren't taking a hard line violence/mob type of angle to it. I think crime, even if it's of the yesteryear association, is still a very sticky situation with the government of Chicago and Illinois, and would bet most of my money that it's not something they're willing to do. Perhaps you do see a 1920s themed place, but my guess as you said it would be more centered around the idea of a speakeasy, jazz, etc and not specifically about the mob, Al Capone, etc.
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