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I'm sure there are better examples to come up with but come the F on. Incredibly weak arguments. Nice try though

Let's put it this way. Chicago's current image is one that has to do with high crime whether you like it or not. A government sponsored establishment going the route of glorifying the time of gangster violence is about the last thing they need to be pulling. The last thing they should be doing is putting their seal of approval on anything that directly has a theme of violence on it when the city is trying to already trying to lessen crime.

I'll bet most of my money that a mob/al capone themed casino will never happen in Chicago if the governments of Chicago and/or Illinois have anything to do with it. Would it bring in money? Maybe, but it's realistically a stupid idea given everything going on especially the last 4 years in the city and the image problems. I know people love to glorify and romanticize the gangsters of yesteryear but..not happening for this project.

They will pick something with a Chicago flair on it I'm sure, and it'll hopefully be a nice place but the Chicago flair is certainly not going to be Al f*cking Capone. They will use blues, jazz, etc music long before considering the other.
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