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Originally Posted by OrdoSeclorum View Post
I basically agree. However, Capone-style, 1920's gang stuff is part of Chicago that we're never going to stop being associated with. Ever. And I'm not sure it would be a good idea to try. But seeing as how we're stuck with it, we should own it. I'm not saying a mob-themed casino is a good move, but I think places should in general highlight what makes them unique. Minneapolis shouldn't try to pretend that it isn't cold there, show people cross country skiing and generally not being sweaty. No one visits Houston for the ballet--Houston should promote the rodeo and strip clubs. Same for Chicago.
We should not be actively promoting it in any way. We should not be glorifying criminal scumbags. It should be left as a footnote in this city's history and we should move away from that stuff. Chicago has so much more to offer than to be known as a place that romanticizes murderers.
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