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Originally Posted by mhays View Post
Maybe you weren't paying attention 30 years ago. The pattern was similar: Billions of industry dollars one one side, the public health and medical fields on the other. Industry caused confusion, people got suckered, and cigarette regulations were set back by decades. Only later did industry fess up and pay hundreds of billions in penalties for the lies that helped kill millions of people (smokers and the innocent).

Back then, industry stooges called talk radio shows and wrote letters to the paper. Today they spam social media and hang out on bulletin boards. As do the suckers who believe them, or want to believe them.

The difference is that climate change might kill a lot more people. But the lies (and suckers) are the same.
End result: people still smoke because it's still legal, they pay higher taxes though and now marijuana smoking and vaping* is legal. Great analogy.

*Vaping might not be legal in some states now that people have died.